Who are Activaids?

Activaids are part of Sigma Pharmaceuticals plc, one of the largest and most trusted Pharmaceutical Wholesalers in the UK, with daily distribution to over 3000 retail pharmacies. The service is available nationwide. 

Sigma was founded in 1982 and remains a family owned business actively managed by its founding directors and second generation.  Being one of the largest independent short-line pharmacy wholesalers in the UK, Sigma is recognised as an industry leader, offering a comprehensive and competitive range of products and delivering exceptional customer service to independent pharmacies, dispensing doctors and hospitals.
What service does Activaids provide?

A wide range of mobility, disability and orthopaedic aids including wheelchairs, walkers, home and toilet aids, as well as commodes at affordable prices.  Activaids also supplies unique and specialised products, such as insulin travel wallets, waterproof limb protectors, pill boxes and supports.
Our online Catalogue and Product range 
Activaids are dedicated to sourcing the best quality products from all over the world, direct from the manufacturers at the best possible prices. Our online catalogue includes competitive prices across the full range of products. These prices will only be available if you have a registered account with us and you will need to log on to order our products.  Our newest products include supports, pill boxes, walking sticks, cushions, cast protectors and much much more.  The website includes the full range available and our latest up-to-date prices.  
What is unique about our service?

An advantage of having a mobility offer within your pharmacy is allowing you to meet the full needs of your patients'.

We also have one of the largest ranges of mobility & daily living aids available on prescription.  An OT or GP will assess the patient and then provide them with a prescription which they will take to their local pharmacy.

To summarise how Activaids can help you:

• Wide range of products stocked - including Tena, Orthopaedic supports, Pill boxes, Wheelchairs, Walking & Daily Living aids, Commodes, Sanitising products and many more lines

• Most pharmacies around London on same day deliveries(or next day depending on location)

• High Pharmacy margins offered and on-going offers

• Compact floor display units available and advice on merchandising

Easy-ordering online through our Activaids website